Monday, November 4, 2013

Print Place Review

Print Place specializes in creating professional quality printed products with full color 100% offset printing. They offer a very user friendly website tool that provides a flexible instant quote once you have entered what you would like to order. Proofs for your order are also instantly generated upon purchase. They provide exceptional quality and service.
I received some beautiful and fun business cards from Print Place to review and also use for my business. I was able to select the design, style and size of the cards! One thing I really liked was that as soon as the design was done I received a proof of what it would look like. The process was so easy and I was able to have my logo and all the info I needed on the card.
I could hardly wait to receive my cards. I was thoroughly pleased and excited about the amazing quality of the cards. The colors were bright and I was excited to see that the printing was not grainy. I also liked that the cards were printed on both sides instead of just one. This allowed me to have a fun backing on the card and all my info on the front. Can you tell I love owls?
Print Place doesn’t only offer business cards. They also offer booklets, calendars, greeting cards along with several other great products. They offer great products for both personal and businesses. If you need something they will work with you personally to make sure that the product appears how you want it. Another exciting thing is that Print Place is American made from American sources!

I am really in love with the quality of these cards! Every time I hand one out or send one with an order I know that it adds that professional touch.

 *Rae has also written this blog as a contribution to the Thrifty NiftyMommy . You can read more from Rae (In Spanish!) on her personal blog, Pompa En Tela.*


  1. Oh, wow! I love those cards! The owls in the tree on the back are such a fun and memorable touch . . . what a great option!

  2. these are wonderful..going to pass these along to my friend,she is a hairdresser and she would love these for her business cards..i think she is going to pick the owls.