Tuesday, November 5, 2013

FixnZip Review and Giveaway

FixnZip is an amazing and innovative product that has filled a need that had previously resulted in people throwing away perfectly good items. FixnZip is a solution to broken zippers that have lost the sliding mechanism resulting in rendering the item useless.
FixnZip is made of a strong zinc die cast, and is nickel plated. I love that it is also manufactured and assembled entirely in the US. They easily tighten and loosen with a screw system to make repair easy and they come in 3 sizes. They also come in 2 colors, nickel and black graphite.
-Each FixnZip works on both tooth and coil style zippers. It also works on metal, plastic, and nylon zippers so you don’t need different kinds for each.

-They also work on a range of zipper sizes
-Small fits sizes 1-4 (common on coin purses, bags and clothing)
-Medium fits sizes 5-8 (mostly found on jackets, backpacks, purses, sleeping bags and tents)
-Large fits sizes 8-10 (such as wetsuits, some heavy duty jackets, jeep windows, large canvas tents, golf cart covers, boat enclosures)
I found the small FixnZips super useful. I used one to repair a camping table bag that had lost its slider. It worked great! I also used one to replace the slider on my daughters packnplay bag after it had broken off from being tossed about when we traveled by plane.
It was very simple to put on. I simply lined up the zipper by pressing a few teeth together and tightened on the zipper with the little screw mechanism. After tightening it I checked to see if it was zipping correctly. You can tighten it and loosen it as needed in order to get a good zip. Each zipper type is a little different but the same basic technique works.
I think this is so smart and really fantastic! I used to work as a leather seamstress and replaced countless amounts of zipper sliders during that time. This is such a great at home solution for people that don’t have a place to get their zippers fixed and I highly recommend keeping at least one of each handy for Zipper emergencies.
Here are some great how-to videos:
You can learn more about FixnZip along with purchasing this amazing product on their website:
FixnZip is offering one lucky reader the opportunity to win a set of 3 of their awesome zippers, one of each size!

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  1. What a great idea, having zippers to repair ones that are broken. How often I have to throw the whole item away but now I can repair it at a cheap price.