Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Celebrate the Launch of MiHyland’s by Entering to Win a Hyland’s Baby Basket!

Hyland’s is happy to announce the launch of the new MiHyland’s Facebook Page and our ongoing commitment to the Latino community. In order to celebrate, Hyland’s is giving a Baby Basket worth about $80 to one of our lucky readers!

Each Baby Basket includes:

Teething Tablets – This #1 parent favorite has been trusted for nearly 85 years to work quickly to relieve irritability, redness, inflammation and discomfort on a child’s gums. It’s uniquely formulated for safety, effectiveness and quality, and contains no synthetic ingredients, artificial flavors, dyes, or parabens—and has always been benzocaine-free!   
Teething Gel – Another option for teething, great applied with a parent’s soothing touch!

Vitamin C Tablets - They dissolve quickly and deliver 71% of the daily value for babies under a year, and 63% for kids between 1-3 years.

Colic Tablets – One of Hyland’s top-rated products. Helps babies suffering from colic relax and fall asleep.
Baby Cough – This amazing natural cough syrup helps relieves various coughs from tickling to deep, hoarse coughs. 

Diaper Ointment - It relieves, heals and protects that tiny little tush.

Tiny Cold – Works fast to shoo away runny noses and congestion.

Infant Earache Drops – Works quickly and effectively to soothe throbbing ear pain—even the kind that antibiotics don’t take away.
To enter to win, make sure to like MiHyland’s on Facebook and leave a comment on my blog below about why you want to win. At MiHyland’s, you’ll find special offers, coupons and sampling opportunities featuring Hyland’s products!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Yoga Online - The Start of Something New

This year I will be giving yoga a try thanks to My Yoga Online. For years I've been interested in trying yoga but have never taken the time to try it, plus I'm shy when it comes to any exercise in front of other people.

My Yoga Online is a web site where you can get the all information and classes in the privacy of your home. They are all well explained in their programs, videos and more. You can practice as much or as little as you want and you can take the time to learn everything at your own pace.
The videos that you can use in learning and practicing yoga found on My Yoga Online are separated into three themes, yoga, body and spirit. Each video library has many options so you can try what interests you the most. The videos help you learn the positions or guide you through a class so you can learn to practice with or without video. The videos encourage relaxation while at the same time that they are showing you what to do step by step.

What I really liked is that they offer detailed programs that you can follow if you want to focus on something. There are of course yoga programs but there are also programs for diet, stress and anxiety reducing, sleeping better and more. Each program gives you steps to follow and have 8 stages. You can choose the program that you like and choose a schedule that works for you. My Yoga Online sends you every step of your e-mail program so it is very easy to follow.
My Yoga Online also lets you connect with other members and teachers. It gives you the opportunity to create a journal and a blog to write about your experiences. You can share how are you are changing or improving your life. I like that My Yoga Online has a community rather than just videos and articles. It's more personal.

My Yoga Online has a full page dedicated to learning yoga poses. It has sections for different types of position to make it easy to find what you're looking for. They teach each posture with videos and photos. They also give a lot of written information on how to start and reach each position and what each is used for.
My Yoga Online has a page devoted entirely to information about yoga. This page contains videos and articles on different topics of yoga. It contains videos and articles about meditation, pranayama, the chakras and much more including a glossary.
But there's more! Not only is it a place to learn and practice yoga it is also a place to improve your health and lifestyle. There is a page with many articles on what types of foods are good to improve your health, how to organize your life, so many ways to clean without chemicals and many more healthy topics. It gives information to live a healthy life.
My Yoga Online also has a page where you can buy music to use while practicing yoga. Their music is also good for when you are meditating or doing mantras. From what I've seen each song costs $ 0.99 and you can buy it directly from the site. If you want to see what other members think of the music before you buy you can read the comments they have left under each album.

My Yoga Online has so much information and I have so much to learn but I like being able to do it my own pace and in the comfort of my home.
If you would like the opportunity to try My Yoga Online for 2 weeks for free visit:

Si te gustaría leer esta entrada en español por favor visita Pompa En Tela.

*Rae is a contributing writer as part of the Thrifty Nifty Mommy Blogger Network. You can read more from Rae (In Spanish!) on her personal blog, Pompa En Tela.*

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kristen Peters Therapeutic Aromatherapy Review and Giveaway

Kristen Peters is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Aromatherapist who studied with the American College of Health Sciences. She prepares custom aromatherapy blends that will help to alleviate what ails you and she specializes in an array of common ailments from anxiety to tendonitis.
Kristen sent me a nice little jar of aromatherapy body butter to help with anxiety. It was so great to see that the ingredients added were few and natural so I didn't have to worry about putting foreign chemicals on my skin. The body butter was so smooth and creamy and the smell was very pleasant. It was actually calming just to smell it!
I am a busy WAHM so I get a little stressed out and deal with a lot of anxiety everyday so I was very excited to try the aromatherapy body butter. I rubbed some into my shoulders and neck along with my arms and legs and started to feel the effects right away. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders, it released a lot of tightening that I felt in my shoulders and upper back. It was amazing!
I had heard a lot about aromatherapy before but wasn't sure how truly effective it was. I was excited to try it and discover how effective it can be. If you suffer from any kind of ailment I would definitely recommend giving Kristen Peters a chance to use her holistic knowledge to help you out. Something as simple as using body butter or even a spray could save you money not only on doctors but on other expensive medicines whose side-effects are worse than what you were trying to treat in the first place.
I really encourage you to check out Kristen Peters’ website:

Kristen Peters even offers a free initial Aromatherapy consultation along with other great services.

Si te gustaría esta entrada en español por favor visita Pompa En Tela.

*Rae is a contributing writer as part of the Thrifty Nifty Mommy Blogger Network. You can read more from Rae (In Spanish!) on her personal blog, Pompa En Tela.*

Kristen Peters has offered a free Relaxation Aromatherapy Body Butter to one lucky reader! Just enter the giveaway below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, February 8, 2013

Day #8 I'm In Love Event: Woombie!

Today is Day 8 of  the 'I'm in Love' event hosted by the Thrifty Nifty Mommy Blogger Network!

To make sure you don't miss any of these great giveaways this month take a second to like the network on Facebook!

 Today's review and giveaway is for a great item from Woombie! Amanda from Open Hands & her sweet girl LOVE this item and we think you will too! For your chance to win, click here to read Amanda's review and enter the giveaway! Good Luck!

Day #7 I Am In Love: Stella & Dot

         It's day 7 of I'm In Love, hosted by the Thrifty Nifty Mommy Blogger Network!

 Today's review & giveaway is just for the ladies!! I know we all love the baby products, but sometimes its nice to pamper ourselves a little ;-) Amanda over at Open Hands had the opportunity recently to try out some fab jewelry pieces from Stella & Dot. Click here to read her review and enter to win a pair of earrings for yourself!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day #6 I'm In Love: Whispering Owlets Boutique!

Do you like to go out to eat at restaurants? What do you do about your little one's eating area? Clean it off with a wet wipe? Sanitizing Wipe? Put napkins down? Restaurant tables are so dirty, and even after cleaning them with a sanitizing wipe I still get the heebie jeebies just thinking about what sorts of germs my little one may be touching. With the help of Whispering Owlets Table Mats you will never have to worry (or be grossed out) again!

Whispering Owlets is an Etsy boutique that specializes in sewing cloth diapers, table mats, nursing covers, and bibs! Based out of Washington, Whispering Owlets was created by Rachael who was inspired by her beautiful little girl! Check out Mommys Craft Obsession's review of Whispering Owlets and make sure to enter the giveaway!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to Make Unpaper Towels

Perhaps you have heard of unpaper towels and have wondered what they are? Unpaper towels work just like the paper towels used in the kitchen and for cleaning but are made of cloth. This makes it possible to reduce the amount of waste produced by paper towels. Unpaper towels can be used like paper towels but when you are done you just have to wash and dry them and they are ready to be used again!

Here I'll show you how to make your own unpaper towels!

You will need:

  • 1 ½ yards of flannel / ¾ of each fabric if I want two different colors
  • 1 ½ Yards terry cloth / ¾ of each fabric if I want two different colors
  • 24 snap sets
  • Snap Pliers
  • Pins
  • Scissors / rotary cutter
  • Something to mark fabric
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • A pencil or stick
  • An empty paper towel roll
Now you are ready to start!

1. Wash and iron the fabric before cutting.

2. Cut 13x13 inch squares of each fabric, 12 of each or 6 if you're using two different colors. You can mark the fabric to know where to cut with scissors or to know where to put the ruler when using a rotary cutter.
3. Now separate the fabric into pairs, one terry cloth with one flannel. Put the right-side of the flannel facing the terry cloth.
4. Secure the fabric together with pins in each corner and in-between the corners so it does not move while you sew. You may want to use more pins if it is easier for you.

5. Adjust your machine as you like for straight seams. Here is how I have it set.
6. Sew around the fabric, leaving an open space between where you start and stop for when you have to turn them right side out. I sew by lining up the edge of the sewing foot with the edge of the fabric. When you reach the corners make them squared.
7. With scissors cut the corners of the squares without cutting the thread. This helps so that the corners are not bulky.

8. Now turn the squares right-side out through the opening you left.
9. Push the corners into points using a pencil or stick.
10. Sew around the edge of the towels.
11. Sew a line from one corner to the other dividing the towel. This helps the towel maintain its shape when you wash it.
12. Put snaps in the corners of the towel. Make sure you face them the right way so that the towels can snap together.
13. Roll the towels onto an empty paper towel roll.
Now put them where you normally put your paper towels and they are ready to use!

Si te gustaría esta entrada en español por favor visita Pompa En Tela.

*Rae is a contributing writer as part of the Thrifty Nifty Mommy Blogger Network. You can read more from Rae (In Spanish!) on her personal blog, Pompa En Tela.*

Day #5 I Am In Love: Baby Giraffe!

Its Day 5..

of the I'm in Love event, hosted by the Thrifty Nifty Mommy Blogger Network
..and we're in love with Baby Giraffe!

I just can't get enough of Baby Giraffe.  It is THE stroller accessory that goes beyond the stroller.  It fits compactly in this itty bitty black bag that you can easily toss into your diaper bag, leave in your trunk so you always have it when out and about, or put away in the storage pocket most strollers have now.  It includes the flexible giraffe print clasp and spine, black storage bag, and four attachments: sunshade, toy loop, mirror, and bottle holder.

Check out the review over at Buddy Doo's Adventure-Roos! here, then enter the giveaway to win one for yourself!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Day #4 I am in Love with Sew Sarah R

Being a mommy blogger, I know I tend to talk about a lot of things that have to do with parenting, babies, and baby gear. As much as I love talking about mommy things, we all need to remember that aside from being a mom, we are women. Women who deserve to be spoiled and taken care of. Right!?

I don't know about you, but I have a soft spot for bags. Diaper bags, purses, clutches. It doesn't matter, I will want it. If you're looking for a great clutch, you won't have to look much harder because I am about to introduce you to the best clutches in the world. The best part, they're handmade! Sew Sarah R creates beautiful clutches for every occasion whether it be just because, date night, weddings, & more! 

Head on over to Mommys Craft Obsession to enter the Sew Sarah R giveaway!

Day #3 I am in LOVE event: Woolzies

Its Day 3 of the I am in LOVE giveaway event, hosted by the Thrifty Nifty Mommy Blogger Network (TNMBN)!

Today's featured review is sponsored by Woolzies.  Woolzies are an eco-friendly, cloth diaper friendly, economical, 100% Pure Wool Natural Laundry Softener!  They can cut drying time up to 40% and are guaranteed to last 1000 loads!

Check out the full review on Savy Mommy Moments and enter for your chance to win a set of Woolzies!

Day #2 I Am In Love Bobbleroos Giveaway

It's Day 2 of the I Am In Love Event!

Bobbleroos is one of Mommys Craft Obsession's favorite companies for blankets, pillows, and everything in between! What I love most about Bobbleroos is that you can get your items embroidered so that they are unique for your child. They also make the perfect gift!! 

Bobbleroos wants to give one lucky winner a $25 Website Credit! Head on over to Mommys Craft Obsession by using this link and enter the giveaway!

Day #1 Snoozeshade for I'm in love event

Sad Kickin' it Off With Cloth! is over?  Didn't win any of the awesome cloth-related prizes, or is cloth just not your thing?  Well great news, its February which means TWO new fantastic events are beginning!

Its Day ONE of the I'm in Love giveaway event!

Today's giveaway is hosted by the Thrifty Nifty Mommy Blogger Network (TNMBN).  To make sure you never miss a giveaway from any of the fabulous blogs of the TNMBN, make sure to like us on Facebook!

Have you ever had to run errands in the middle of the day with a newborn, and realized how frustrating it is when you've thrown them off their sleep schedule?  Or how about when your infant falls asleep in the stroller, only to be woken by the glare of the unforgiving sun as you stroll on your daily walk?  We've got good news, and they're name is SnoozeShade.

Check out today's featured review and giveaway of the SnoozeShade Original in Limited Edition Powder Pink over at Buddy Doo's Adventure-Roos!  Don't forget to enter, because this one may save your sanity a day or two!