Thursday, September 12, 2013

Stamped By Design Review and Giveaway

Stamped By Design makes beautiful keepsake pieces that are hand stamped. These unique custom pieces are hand stamped to order and are a great way commemorate a special occasion or celebrate someone special in your life.

I received a beautiful customized hand stamped personalized whimsy tilted heart - mommy or couple necklace keepsake necklace with a birthstone charm on it. I love how beautiful and smooth the metal heart is. It is like a heart shaped petal and looks so delicate. It comes on a simple chain which I like since it didn’t distract from the beautiful pendant.

Stamped By Design has some really beautiful necklace choices. There are several choices that you can customize with the names of special family members and even their birthstones on some. I like that there is such a great variety to choose from depending on how many names you would like to have on them. There are also a few metal choices to choose from.

Stamped By Design also offers some other special keepsake pieces that are hand stamped. In the shop you can find cuffs and bracelets and even special hand stamped collar stays! There are also key chains and metal guitar picks that you can have hand stamped. One of the cutest items I saw that I liked in Stamped By Design were the hand stamped wedding forks.

Custom jewelry is a special keepsake not only for yourself but it also makes a great gift for the special people in your life. Stamped By Design allows you to celebrate those you love and special moments with them. You can Check out Stamped By Design by visiting: you can visit their website: and even swing by their Facebook page and say hi!

Stamped By Design is offering a $20 certificate to their shop for one lucky winner!

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