Friday, March 29, 2013

Combi Cosmo E Stroller Review and Giveaway

It's Day 29 Of #StrollingIntoSpring & Today I Am Strolling With The Combi Cosmo E in Red Chevron.
“Combi, a shortening of the word "combination", refers to the combination of mother and child.” -

The Combi Cosmo E is a lightweight and compact stroller. It folds up in 3 easy steps and can even stand unsupported on its own once it is folded. Its convenient carry strap makes it easy to take the Combi Cosmo E with you on all your adventures!

The Combi Cosmo E is so easy to fold up with its “quick fold” process. You can easily pull up on the release mechanisms and just fold it in. Once you have folded the stroller in and made sure to have all the wheels neatly lined up (probably the easiest one I have ever folded!) you can just easily lock them into place with the little latch and you are set to either carry it with you with its carry strap or load it up into your vehicle.

Your little ones will sit comfortably in the nice padded seat of the Combi Cosmo E. It has a multi-position recline that is easily adjusted with a push-button sliding adjuster on the back. You can slide it up and down the double straps on the back to adjust how much you want the seat reclined. The seat pad is also removable for easy cleaning! All you have to do is un-Velcro the top part and the bottom zips right off and you can toss it in the washer for easy cleanup. The headrest is also easily removed by un-Velcroing it.

The seat on the Combi Cosmo E also has a convertible three- or five-point harness that adjusts as your child grows. The harness has a lot of adjustability for whatever size you need, you can easily slide the straps to the length you need them. You can also adjust the height of the top straps like you would in a car seat as your child grows. The straps are attached behind the seat pad for security. The chest straps are connected to the waist straps by a clip that can easily rotate. If you prefer to switch to a three-point harness all you have to do is unclip the top straps from the bottom ones. The bottom straps have the clips that fasten into the center clip.

The canopy on the Combi Cosmo E can be locked into place which is pretty neat! It also has a well sized pocket for storing any items you or your little one might need while out and about. The Combi Cosmo E also has a nice flexible guard rail with a cup caddy that connects to it for your child’s snacks or sippy cups. Under the seat of the stroller there is a basket that also can be used to conveniently store items. You can also pair the Combi Shuttle Infant Car Seat with the Combi Cosmo E to use it as a travel system.

The Combi Cosmo E’s front wheels swivel to allow for easy maneuverability and a smooth ride. They can also be locked in the straight forward position. The rear wheels can also be locked in order to keep the stroller from rolling away, this works great when loading and unloading your little munchkin in and out of it.

Combi Cosmo E Key features:
· Compact, self-standing fold
· Padded, multi-position reclining seat
· Removable, washable seat pad
· Convertible three-or five-point harness
· Removable guardrail
· Lockable, front swivel wheels
· Storage basket and canopy pocket
· Convenient carry strap
· Accepts the COMBI Shuttle infant car seat

All in all I think this is a fantastic lightweight stroller. I had the opportunity to use it at an airport and it was fantastic! Since it is easy to fold up TSA was a breeze. I love that it has a five point harness since my other strollers don’t, my daughter is so wiggly and an escape artist so it is hard to keep her in a three-point harness. What is super awesome is how small it folds up. I was able to squeeze it into a tiny space in my little closet with no issue.

I would recommend the Combi Cosmo E to anyone if they asked me how I like it. It is truly a great lightweight stroller. I have found it so much more convenient then my full-sized strollers. It may not be as small as an umbrella stroller but in my eyes it is better because it has the convenient features of a regular stroller but in a more manageable package.

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You can purchase your very own Combi Cosmo E at Babies R Us
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One very lucky reader will win their very own Combi Cosmo E!

Good Luck!!

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Monday, March 25, 2013

BinkySpritz Winner!

Congratulations to Jennifer M. Winner of the BinkySpritz Giveaway!!
Here is an awesome offer from the SpritzBlitz family of products. You can visit to purchase BinkySpritz or one of their other great products and get FREE SHIPPING when you purchase 2 or more products!
Use Coupon Code SPRITZIT* at checkout now through March 30th!

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Splash ‘N Boots Review and Giveaway
 Do your kids like funny and educational music? Splash ‘N Boots are the new stars of Treehouse TV & 2012 Canadian Children’s Group of the Year. They provide some wonderful and catchy tunes that you will catch yourself singing along to.
Splash ‘N Boots recently released their brand new CD “Coconuts Don’t Fall Far From The Tree” and their new DVD “The Splash ‘N Boots Show: Act 2”. These 2 new exciting releases have been so much fun to watch and listen to with my little girl. I have found myself singing along to them and even on occasion singing them to my daughter.
“Coconuts Don’t Fall Far From The Tree” is an exciting collaboration by not only Splash ‘N Boots but also their fans! In order to try something new they decided to have fans choose everything about their album. Fans chose the song titles, some of the hilarious and fun lyrics and even the name of the album. They had an overwhelming response to this new idea and it was a very exciting journey.
I absolutely love this CD! It has funny songs like “Okey Dokey Artichokey” and “Coconut the Squirrel Who Lost His Nut” and great educational songs like “Just Try One Bite, You Might Like It” and “Tilly the Tadpole”. The tunes are so much fun and I love that their fans inspired the CD and were the ones to help with its creation.
“The Splash ‘N Boots Show: Act 2” DVD is a quirky and delightful with its great variety of skits and songs. You get to enjoy watching Splash ‘N Boots dancing around and singing and even playing hide and seek. It is chocked full of funny little skits it is almost like SNL for kids. The DVD is full of entertainment!

You can check out all the excitement from Splash ‘N Boots on Facebook:
And follow them on Twitter:
You can also find some great music videos on their Youtube:
You can also swing by and check out their website where you can purchase your own copies of their CDs and DVDs and see pictures and get info on what they are upto next!

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My daughter and I really enjoy both the CD and DVD so much and sometimes enjoy a little dance party to the music. Splash ‘N Boots is very excited to be offering one lucky reader copies of their new CD and DVD!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Habé Naturals Hand, Foot and Body Cream Review and Giveaway

I just recently reviewed Habé Naturals Herbal Acne Kit and today I would like to introduce their awesome Hand, Foot and Body Cream!

Their cream is 100% natural and is made from natural ingredients including Olive oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil and beeswax. If you have dried or cracked skin this cream will and moisture to it and bring it back to life.
I always get dry skin in the winter, my hands, feet, knees and elbows get dry and rough. This cream worked wonderfully to make them soft and smooth. The best part too is that not only is it all natural but you can also use it on your baby’s bum if they are chapped or have diaper rash.
Habé Naturals Hand, Foot and Body Cream comes in a 2oz. tin with a twist off top that you can easily take with you in your purse, diaper bag and if needed you could fit it in your pocket. The cream is so smooth and silky thanks to the natural oils and beeswax. It melts with the warmth of your skin and soaks in leaving it smooth and as soft as, well, a babies bum!

To learn more about Habé Naturals visit:
You can also check them out on Facebook!

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HabéNaturals is giving one lucky reader one of their awesome Hand, Foot and Body Creams!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

CongratulationJLin M. for winning the HabéNaturals Herbal Acne Kit!!
Didn't win today? HabéNaturals is offering a special coupon code that will let you get 20% off of their Natural Acne Treatment! They are currently having a sale that brings the price to $31 which makes it a great time to use the coupon code and bring it down another 20%! The coupon code is ACNE20 and will get you 20% off of their Natural Acne Treatment:

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

BinkySpritz Review and Giveaway

We live in a world full of nasty germs. Being a mommy makes me aware of how dirty and unsanitary even the most ordinary things are not to mention how little hands tend to drop pacifiers, bottles and everything else on the ground. Drue, a mother of five, also had this issue and like most of us she didn't always have something handy to clean them with.
Drue created BinkySpritz, a kid-safe spray designed to clean items your child frequently drops and handles. Convenient and easy to use, BinkySpritz is made entirely of natural and non-toxic ingredients, so you can be sure no chemicals or disinfectants are harming your child. She created a natural spray without harmful disinfectants, chemicals or alcohol! She made it so it could be used safely clean pacifiers, sippy cups, bottles, toys, hands and much more.

BinkySpritz comes conveniently packaged in a 2oz. spray bottle that you can easily fit into a purse or diaper bag when you are on the go. It is made from lemon juice and orange oil and the natural sweetener, stevia, so that it tastes good yet it is not sticky. Another cool fact is that orange oil contains the stress and tension-relieving compound linalool, commonly found in most citrus fruits. It can help calm nerves, relax and regenerate.
What I love is that you just spray on as much as you feel is necessary and you don’t even have to rinse it. Their blend of natural ingredients creates an acidic environment in which microbes can't survive. The high level of acidity in lemons changes the pH level in bacterial cells getting rid of a greater variety of microbes than alkaline cleaners. When looking for a natural alternative to chemical disinfectants, orange oil is a popular ingredient which helps to inhibit microbial growth. Knowing that BinkySpritz cleans in a natural, biodegradable, non-toxic manner is a big relief to parents and caregivers.
I loved using the BinkySpritz! My favorite thing was how amazingly it worked on hands. My daughter like most toddlers grabs everything or eats with her hands so sticky and dirty hands come with the territory. All I had to do was spray her hands and wipe them and they were clean and super soft, not sticky.
It also worked great for spraying down carts while out and about. My daughter likes the carts that have the cars on the front that she can sit in and pretend she is driving. I don’t know how closely you have looked at them before putting your kid in one but I did and it was so gross! I just sprayed the area she would be occupying and touching down generously with BinkySpritz and wiped it with a rag (for my own comfort) and I felt much better about letting her enjoy the ride.

To Learn more about BinkySpritz visit:

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This is such a great product and I have enjoyed using it so much and am excited to announce that one lucky reader will have the chance to win one!
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Monday, March 4, 2013

Habé Naturals Acne Treatment Review and Giveaway

I have always had horrible problems with acne, even into my late 20’s. I have tried all kinds of remedies and even if they worked for a little while it would always come back after a few weeks of using the product. I was pretty excited to try something more natural!
Habé Naturals AcneTreatment provides you with an effective natural solution to your acne problem without harsh side effects that you get from other acne products. Their natural acne treatment does not contain bleach or other chemicals that are harmful to your skin. They use only 100% natural ingredients that your body recognizes and are manufactured by an herbal products company that has been in business over 70 years.
The Kit includes:
·         15 ml Topical Acne Solution
·         100 Vegetarian Capsules
·         Tips to Better Skin Guide

It was pretty easy to use the kit that Habé Naturals sent me to try out. You take 2 all-natural herbal capsules 3 times a day with plenty of water (16oz.). It was so nice to see that there were only a few ingredients in the capsules and that they were such natural ingredients and not a long list of scientific sounding chemicals. I was a little overwhelmed with taking 6 of them a day so I usually only took 4 daily but even then I noticed that my skin wasn't as oily as it usually was and I wasn't breaking out as bad as usual.
My favorite part of the kit is honestly the Topical Acne Solution. I have used other ones that are astringents and they just leave your skin dry and feeling like it is on fire and smell awful! Habé Naturals solution does tingle just a little bit but it didn't give my skin a burning feeling. I love that it soaked right into my skin quickly and it smelled so fresh and citrusy.
With both products used together this kit works great and I don’t feel like I am polluting my body with nasty chemicals and ingredients that I can’t pronounce. Overall I was impressed by how good and healthy the products made my skin feel.

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To learn more about Habé Naturals visit:
You can also check them out on Facebook!
*Rae is a contributing writer as part of the Thrifty Nifty Mommy Blogger Network. You can read more from Rae (In Spanish!) on her personal blog, Pompa En Tela.* 

HabéNaturals is giving one lucky reader one of their awesome Herbal Acne Kits!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Strolling Into Spring Day #1: Evenflo FlexLit LX Travel System Giveaway!

During the month of March the Thrifty Nifty Mommy Blogger Network will be celebrating the month long “Strolling Into Spring” Event. To kick it off we will be giving away the FlexLite Travel System in Santa Fe Sunset Color!
The Evenflo FlexLit LX Travel System features a stroller with a new ultra fast fold that makes portability super convenient for caregivers. Within seconds the stroller easily folds to a compact, self-standing fold with just one hand. The stroller design is light weight, yet durable and the infant car seat offers an extended weight rating from 4-35lbs.

The FlexLite Travel System is designed to grow with families offering solutions for children up to 50 lbs. Pair with a car seat for quick and easy transitions from car to stroll or use as a stroller only. As your child ages change up the seating, remove the tray and use the bonus snack and drink cups for open seating!

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