Saturday, March 23, 2013

Splash ‘N Boots Review and Giveaway
 Do your kids like funny and educational music? Splash ‘N Boots are the new stars of Treehouse TV & 2012 Canadian Children’s Group of the Year. They provide some wonderful and catchy tunes that you will catch yourself singing along to.
Splash ‘N Boots recently released their brand new CD “Coconuts Don’t Fall Far From The Tree” and their new DVD “The Splash ‘N Boots Show: Act 2”. These 2 new exciting releases have been so much fun to watch and listen to with my little girl. I have found myself singing along to them and even on occasion singing them to my daughter.
“Coconuts Don’t Fall Far From The Tree” is an exciting collaboration by not only Splash ‘N Boots but also their fans! In order to try something new they decided to have fans choose everything about their album. Fans chose the song titles, some of the hilarious and fun lyrics and even the name of the album. They had an overwhelming response to this new idea and it was a very exciting journey.
I absolutely love this CD! It has funny songs like “Okey Dokey Artichokey” and “Coconut the Squirrel Who Lost His Nut” and great educational songs like “Just Try One Bite, You Might Like It” and “Tilly the Tadpole”. The tunes are so much fun and I love that their fans inspired the CD and were the ones to help with its creation.
“The Splash ‘N Boots Show: Act 2” DVD is a quirky and delightful with its great variety of skits and songs. You get to enjoy watching Splash ‘N Boots dancing around and singing and even playing hide and seek. It is chocked full of funny little skits it is almost like SNL for kids. The DVD is full of entertainment!

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You can also swing by and check out their website where you can purchase your own copies of their CDs and DVDs and see pictures and get info on what they are upto next!

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My daughter and I really enjoy both the CD and DVD so much and sometimes enjoy a little dance party to the music. Splash ‘N Boots is very excited to be offering one lucky reader copies of their new CD and DVD!

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