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Charming Vintage Jewels Review and Giveaway

Charming Vintage Jewels is a wonderful Etsy shop where you can purchase beautiful Custom Keepsake Jewelry. It is run by a very crafty mama called Meleya who loves scrapbooking, card making, jewelry and all kinds of other creative activities. She makes beautiful keepsake jewelry from both hand stamped metals and photo pendants and also makes beautiful keepsake photo boxes and her new gift collection.
I was very excited to receive a beautiful Vintage Inspired Glass Photo Locket in Bronze with a photo of my daughter in it. It was so hard to pick from all the wonderful pendant choices. There were several choices of pendants all equally beautiful but I am such a sucker for lockets. The beautiful design on the front of the locket really caught my eye.
I was so very excited to receive my gorgeous necklace! It came in a beautiful aqua green colored box, one of my most favorite colors, with a ribbon around it and the “Charming Vintage Jewels” wax seal on it. It was like unwrapping an elegant Christmas gift.
When I opened the box I was so excited to see my daughter s face on the beautiful keepsake photo tin inside. It is so cool that Meleya creates such a beautiful place to keep your personal treasures and of course her beautiful jewelry which is a precious treasure itself.

Inside the tin I found the locket, it was exquisite! The bronze finish on the metal was so beautiful and the lid of the locket looks like a flower. I had sent Charming Vintage Jewels a few pictures to choose from and surprise me and I think that the choice was perfect. This is a wonderful piece of jewelry that I will always cherish.
If you are looking for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day I highly recommend you check out Charming Vintage Jewels. Their one of a kind jewelry makes an unforgettable keepsake that any mom would cherish forever.

You can purchase your very own keepsake jewelry at Charming Vintage Jewels:

Charming Vintage Jewels is offering one lucky reader an item of their choice!

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Thyme Maternity Review and Giveaway

Sleeves rolled down
I have always had a horrible time finding nursing tops that were both functional and fashionable on a tight budget. Most of the ones I found had the stretchy scoop neck that leaves you very exposed if you are not using a nursing cover, which I never use anymore. The other choices though functional and modest just weren't that exciting either. Sure I could go to a fancy maternity store and pay a ridiculous amount for a nursing shirt which for me wasn't a good option.
Sleeves rolled up
Thyme Maternity recently launched in the U.S. through an exclusive partnership with Babies `R Us with decades of experience helping moms-to-be look their best in comfortable yet fashionable cloths. They offer styles that are current to the trends from casual to work and even have a complete line of nursing tops and accessories that transition with you after your baby is born. They have so many styles in denim, casual and dress pants, knit tops, blouses, dresses, tees and so much more for a complete motherhood clothing experience.
Front knot
I was lucky enough to receive a very lovely Thyme Maternity Knot-Front Nursing Top for this Review. It is a beautiful dark teal, which I just love. It has a nice modest scoop neck and 3/4 sleeves. The shirt is a longer length so that it keeps everything under wraps and it has ruching on the sides to flatter your changing waistline. The front of the top has a nice twist knot in the center of the chest and the overlapping fabric hides the layer underneath with the nursing slits.
Nursing slit
I love that this top works great as both a casual and a dress top. It is so comfortable too and I just love the fit. I think the color is also great because it is a darker color but it isn't black, I like wearing color even though black goes with just about everything. The cool thing about this top is that you wouldn't automatically think it is a nursing top when you see it. It looks like a regular nice top you would normally wear.
Easy to reach your strap
Using the top to nurse is so easy and very discreet. You can easily reach the latch on your nursing bra to unclip it thanks to the generous neck opening. Once you have moved the bra cup out of the way you can position your baby for nursing and just lift up the fabric that lays over the nursing slits and you are set to go. It is super easy and the extra fabric keeps you from exposing yourself.
Discreet nursing
Thyme Maternity carries a wonderful variety of great nursing tops in several styles. Not only do they offer great apparel for moms-to-be and but they offer expert advice, fashion and styling tips, and much more for not only during pregnancy but also during the post-pregnancy moms.

Thyme Maternity is offering one lucky reader the chance to win one of their Skincare items.
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

South Hill Designs Jewelry Review and Giveaway

South Hill Designs started out in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2012 and quickly grew within a short matter of time. It became wildly popular do to the fact that the customer gets to create a beautiful piece of jewelry that expresses their hobbies, passions and style! The company’s mission was to bring happiness and prosperity to as many women as possible.
I was so very excited to have the opportunity to work with Katie Parsons, a South Hill Designs independent artist, to create my very own South Hill Designs locket. There were lots of choices for me to pick from which I thought was fantastic because I was able to create a locket that would uniquely express my life. I couldn't believe all the choices that they had for me to choose from.
To start of you get to choose a locket in the size you would like. You also have a choice of metal and if you want there are even some with crystals around the edge which adds a nice touch of bling. I chose the Large Rose Gold locket with Crystals, this locket is 1.25 inches in diameter and comes with a beautiful 18 inch chain and it can hold anywhere from 6 to 10 charms depending on their size. I also chose a beautiful 32 inch faceted bead chain in rose gold to go with my locket.
Next I chose a coin as the background to my locket. There were lots of choices for the words on the coins such as Dream, Family, Grace and Love. Being a new mom and loving it as I do I chose the large silver “Mom” coin which fit perfectly as a background to the charms I chose. They also have some new “Screens” that are beautiful gears that look very unique and fun inside the lockets.
The next step was picking the charms for my lovely locket. This was by far the most fun ad difficult part! There are tons of fantastic choices to fit anyone’s personality. There are themes like Animals, Greek, Food, Music and Vintage. I chose things that were special to me and represent my life. As you can see here I chose a monkey face, Mexican flag, an “I love my cat” charm, a beautiful vintage rose and a sewing machine. I also chose small birthstones to represent all the members of my family.
Being able to personalize a locket that fits my personality and expresses my passions was so much fun and I really enjoyed the whole process. Katie was very helpful with making suggestions on what would look best from the choices I made and made sure to let me know when to expect my jewelry to arrive along with making sure that I had received my beautiful and unique Locket.

To learn more about South Hill Designs and purchase their beautiful jewelry please visit:
You can also check them out on
I love my South Hill Designs locket. It is gorgeous and I receive compliments on it every time I wear it due to how unique it is. Katie is offering one lucky reader the chance to win one $25 gift card to use at South Hill Designs!

South Hill Designs is also having a special for Mother’s Day!  Receive a free flower charm with $50 purchase!
If you are looking for a part-time income or a new career, please contact Katie at

Si te gustaría leer esta entrada en español por favor visita Pompa En Tela.

*Rae is a contributing writer as part of the Thrifty NiftyMommy Blogger Network. You can read more from Rae (In Spanish!) on her personal blog, Pompa En Tela.*

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I mustache you a question! Do you love slap bracelets?
Slapstache is going to be having an awesome sale on starting April 24th and running through May 1st!
Slapstache is the first and only mustache shaped slap bracelet in the world! It was created by a small start-up in Denver, Co that was looking to put smiles, and mustaches, on peoples’ faces. The Slapstache is made of a very soft silicone rubber and they have made it available in a wide variety of really fun colors! You can wear it like a traditional slap bracelet on your wrist or you can roll it out straight and pretend you have an awesome mustache! Either way you will have a funky and hip accessory. Check out Slapstache on Facebook at:

Celebrate YOU! Mother of the Year: She Said What? Book

Mothers--our day is coming! That one day a year when you (hopefully) are pampered by your children and spouse. Every year, truly, I just pray that my children bless me by letting me sleep a solid 8 hours with no interruptions. I'm sure anyone with children under age 5 can relate! As mothers, we work hard! I'm not saying that motherhood isn't rewarding. It the biggest joy in my life, but we all need time for ourselves every now and then! This Mother's Day, send Dad out with the kids, then grab a glass of wine, fill the tub up, and relax in the quiet with a nice book--like this one!

Mother of the Year: She Said What? is a brand new book perfect for you to enjoy this Mother's Day!

With bright, contemporary art and edgy, hilarious text, this is not your standard Motherly advice book. Rather it's a cheerful collection of sassy quips and true quotes from real Moms on topics ranging from breakups to childbirth.  On finding love, Chris's Mom offers this: "The best love is when you can learn to love yourself as much as your shoe collection". Warm and fuzzy? Not so much. Rather it's a quirky collection of counsel from Mothers who have "been there".

About the Authors:
In between cocktails, Artist Jodi Pedri and Writer Tonja Steel draw and write about all things fabulous. They were inspired to create this book from experiencing their own personal mamma drama! They reached out to their fan base and a flood of mother of the year stories emerged. Together, they have a singular mission: to create adorable and memorable gifts for Working Girls everywhere.

Mother of the Year is a hardback gift book, all color and 72 pages long. It's easy to read in 5-10 minutes and sure to brighten any mom's day! Pick it up today for your mom, wife, sister, or even yourself! It's perfect for any woman!

You can purchase Mother of the Year (along with other goodies from Working Girls Inc) by clicking here, or look for the book at Barnes and Noble. Also, make sure you like their page on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and check out their blog!

The members of the Thrifty Nifty Mommy Blogger Network have teamed up with Working Girls Inc to offer our readers a fantastic giveaway! We have NINE copies of this book to give away to our readers! If you'd like to win just enter using the easy Rafflecopter Entry form below. Good luck!

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