Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Yoga Online - The Start of Something New

This year I will be giving yoga a try thanks to My Yoga Online. For years I've been interested in trying yoga but have never taken the time to try it, plus I'm shy when it comes to any exercise in front of other people.

My Yoga Online is a web site where you can get the all information and classes in the privacy of your home. They are all well explained in their programs, videos and more. You can practice as much or as little as you want and you can take the time to learn everything at your own pace.
The videos that you can use in learning and practicing yoga found on My Yoga Online are separated into three themes, yoga, body and spirit. Each video library has many options so you can try what interests you the most. The videos help you learn the positions or guide you through a class so you can learn to practice with or without video. The videos encourage relaxation while at the same time that they are showing you what to do step by step.

What I really liked is that they offer detailed programs that you can follow if you want to focus on something. There are of course yoga programs but there are also programs for diet, stress and anxiety reducing, sleeping better and more. Each program gives you steps to follow and have 8 stages. You can choose the program that you like and choose a schedule that works for you. My Yoga Online sends you every step of your e-mail program so it is very easy to follow.
My Yoga Online also lets you connect with other members and teachers. It gives you the opportunity to create a journal and a blog to write about your experiences. You can share how are you are changing or improving your life. I like that My Yoga Online has a community rather than just videos and articles. It's more personal.

My Yoga Online has a full page dedicated to learning yoga poses. It has sections for different types of position to make it easy to find what you're looking for. They teach each posture with videos and photos. They also give a lot of written information on how to start and reach each position and what each is used for.
My Yoga Online has a page devoted entirely to information about yoga. This page contains videos and articles on different topics of yoga. It contains videos and articles about meditation, pranayama, the chakras and much more including a glossary.
But there's more! Not only is it a place to learn and practice yoga it is also a place to improve your health and lifestyle. There is a page with many articles on what types of foods are good to improve your health, how to organize your life, so many ways to clean without chemicals and many more healthy topics. It gives information to live a healthy life.
My Yoga Online also has a page where you can buy music to use while practicing yoga. Their music is also good for when you are meditating or doing mantras. From what I've seen each song costs $ 0.99 and you can buy it directly from the site. If you want to see what other members think of the music before you buy you can read the comments they have left under each album.

My Yoga Online has so much information and I have so much to learn but I like being able to do it my own pace and in the comfort of my home.
If you would like the opportunity to try My Yoga Online for 2 weeks for free visit:

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  1. This motivates me to try yoga! I never have given it much thought until now :)

  2. love this idea! i have always wanted to try yoga and how awesome it includes the music!

  3. love that it has info on health and eating and so forth as well! will def try!

  4. i really need to try yoga for stress. i have alot of stress in my life thanks for the post