Monday, November 4, 2013

Candy Galaxy Review

Candy Galaxy is a huge online store that carries a wide assortment of delicious sweets. They are a great place to purchase candy for any and every occasion. They have a great team dedicated to making sure to provide you with the best selection of sugary goodness from their 45,000 square foot warehouse.
At Candy Galaxy you can select from a variety of options to include what color or occasion you want the candy for. You can also purchase candy in bulk of pick a selection. They have such a great variety of chocolates, lollipops and even chocolate covered insects that you could spend hours picking out what you want.
Candy Galaxy was kind enough to send me some beautiful rock candy crystal sticks. I received blue, red and pink ones! They are so pretty and delightful. They make me think of those old candy shops with the rock candy sticks in clear jars.
The candy was very yummy and so much fun to eat. The colors are very vibrant and in their shop they have a whole rainbow of rock candy color choices so you can color coordinate them for a party or special occasion.
I really love the fantastic selection of sweets you can find at Candy Galaxy and they have great options for parties like their candy buffet selections. With so many sweet options what is there not to love!
You can check out Candy Galaxy’s amazing selection on their website:

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