Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Spray Pal

(Warning: Contains images of Soiled Cloth Diapers)
Some months ago I came across a new product on Facebook that comes in very useful when you have to spray out dirty cloth diapers. It was Spray Pal
Spray Pal is a product that is very helpful when you have to spray out your dirty cloth diapers into the toilet but you don't want to get your hands dirty while doing it.
Spray Pal has 3 plastic sides that connect together to form a splash barrier with snaps. It has a giant clip at the top of the center panel that you clip the dirty diaper to and you also use this clip to hold it while you spray out your cloth diaper. 

To Spray out your dirty cloth diaper all you need to do is clip the diaper in at the top and connect the panels with the snaps and hold it just inside the toilet while you use a sprayer to clean it. 

After you finish spraying out your dirty cloth diaper you just pop open the panels on the Spray Pal and lay them over each other so that it is flat and squeeze the excess water down into the toilet. You can then easily transport your rinsed diaper to your diaper pail and release it from the clip so it slides right into the pail and your hands are still nice and clean and you didn't have to handle a wet, dirty cloth diaper!
I usto hate spraying out my dirty cloth diapers before throwing them into the wash because the nasty poo water would spray all over the place and it was just gross. With the Spray Pal I no longer have that problem because it forms a shield against over spray!

You can purchase a Spray Pal here: http://hyenacart.com/spraypal/mt/3781/39604/Spray-Pal

Si te gustaría leer este reseño en español por favor visita Pompa En Tela.

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