Tuesday, January 8, 2013

KoalaKin: Hands-Free Nursing Pouch

The KoalaKin is a system that lets you breastfeed with your hands free to do other things. It allows you to feed your baby while you are doing your regular activities. Also, it helps keep newborns closer so they have more close contact with mommy.
 Like most moms, I was thrilled to breastfeed my daughter. I nursed her wherever we were, but as she grew the arm, neck and shoulder pain made it increasingly difficult for me to enjoy it while we were out and about or shopping.  In addition, I had the need to keep productive in my daily duties.
The KoalaKin solved the problems I had when I was out shopping and had to breastfeed. It has a vest on which Pouch is hooked. The vest distributes the weight of your baby across your back so that it does not cause you pain or fatigue. The Pocket hooks in under the breasts and on the opposite shoulder of your baby's head. After hooking the pocket into the shoulder you just have to adjust it with Strap so that your baby this securely fastened in place.
It is very simple to hold your baby in the pouch, if still learning I suggest that you fasten your baby in while sitting but once you become comfortable then can do it while standing. This also depends on the size of your baby and how comfortable they are while lying in the Pouch. The more you use the KoalaKin the more comfortable you and your baby will be when using it.
My daughter is a year old and almost 30 inches long and weighs 18 pounds. I use the medium/large size which is perfect for the size and weight of my daughter. She fits well in the pouch and it helps keep her from becoming distracted so easy because it helps accommodate her head perfectly where I need.
I found that it was easier to breastfeed my daughter during outings with the KoalaKin because I could still use my hands to hang on to and pick up other things. I really liked that could do more things with the KoalaKin without worrying about keeping my daughter latched on.
I never leave the house without my KoalaKin in the car. Babies can be hungry at any time and there is not always a suitable place to sit and breastfeed. The KoalaKin solves these problems for the mom who wants to do more with her time without worry that her baby will not be able to breastfeed when needed.
I recommend the KoalaKin if you like to take your baby shopping or even while you do work at home. In addition it helps to solve back pains while you breastfeed and leaves you with your hands free!
The KoalaKin is available in two different sizes and is also available in black or brown. You can also purchase the pouch attachment separately.
Here is where you can purchase a KoalaKin: http://shop.koalakin.com/ 

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